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A giclée (pronounced ‘zhee-clays’, originally from a French term meaning ‘to spray’) print is a high-quality photographic print of a non-negative produced through a combination of materials and inkjet technologies to match colours and distribute tiny amounts of ink precisely. The result is a high-quality, long-lasting print displaying vivid colours, rich and subtle tones and detailed blacks of the original art. A giclée print can last from 70+ years without noticeable fading if properly stored.

The works I am selling as the Experimenter Print are giclées prints.


The Experimenter Square Prints – made with Epson SureColor SC-P903, a high-performance hardware that uses UltraChrome Pro10 resin-coated pigment inks, for the truest, deepest black and expanded blue colour range and water resistance quality – is hand-printed on ILFORD Textured Cotton Rag, a museum graded, 100% cotton, 310 gsm paper.

Each print, hand-signed by BRYCE at the backside, is protected with ILFORD Galerie FineArt Protect Glassine 50gsm, an acid free, pH neutral, ultra smooth, thin, semi-transparent interleaving paper for protecting high quality prints and original artworks.

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