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The Meaning of Love

[Note: Are you seeking fulfilment and love in your life, but feel challenged to do so? This post examines the human need for love and how to meet it. Read on if this resonates with you.]

Have you ever felt like an outsider?

Have you ever felt isolated?

Have you ever held back from reaching out to another person because you feared rejection and shame?

You are not alone.

The fear of rejection and the anxiety caused by uncertainty hold so many of us back from forming meaningful connections. That’s because all important human connection requires a moment where somebody risks rejection.

I know this first hand. I used to battle these negative feelings all the time. But I also know it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can work up the courage to reach out and make connections, and find the love and meaning you are looking for.

What’s even better? It isn’t too late. Not now, not ever. You can start working on this today. It only takes one thing: embracing vulnerability.

Why We Hide and What Hiding Costs Us

Vulnerability Mental health Brené Brown Art Therapy
Photo: My Mona LisaOrdinary Wonders, Yangon Myanmar, 2019, BRYCE Watanasoponwong.

When we feel scared of being judged or risking rejection, we often put up walls around our true selves and hide the parts of us that make us unique. This can make us feel ashamed, even though our intention is to protect our authentic self from criticism. However, in doing so, all we are really doing is alienating ourselves from being truly seen.

I was one of those people who tried to be accepted by hiding my authentic self.

When I got my education, I went into a field I thought would be reputable and safe. When I moved to Australia, I tried to suppress my Thai background. Even when I embraced fine art photography, I started out doing “normal” work that I thought other people would like. By wearing a mask to be accepted by the world, we are really saying to ourselves that our true self would never be accepted. It is a dangerous, self-reinforcing trap.

Connection Is the Way Out

Vulnerability Mental health Brené Brown Art Therapy
Photo: Soul CleansingOrdinary Wonders, Varanasi India, 2019, BRYCE Watanasoponwong.

Letting go of guilt and shame requires a kind of self-validation that can only come through meaningful connections with others. To achieve that, you must open up and be vulnerable with someone else. Doing this allows you to authentically express who you are, no matter what the truth may be.

Vulnerability can be uncomfortable and intimidating, but it is an essential part of life. It allows us to take risks and expand our horizons, pushing us out of our comfort zone to reach new heights.

Love is in the AIR

Vulnerability Mental health Brené Brown Art Therapy
Photo: Window, 2019, BRYCE Watanasoponwong.
The Meaning of Love -
The Meaning of Love -
The Meaning of Love -
The Meaning of Love
The Meaning of Love
The Meaning of Love
I got a chance to put everything I learned into practice in the group exhibition #LoveIsInTheAIR — featuring works about appreciation and affection from the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) members at River City Bangkok. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!.

My contribution is a work entitled Window. The piece is a visual metaphor that describes that daring moment when we show our authentic selves and make a real connection. All the while, the cage in the foreground reminds us that fear of rejection can always lead us back to the prison of shame. Meanwhile, the mirror in the piece reflects our true emotion beyond the bars of our shame’s cell.

You can now find Window on display in the #LoveIsInTheAIR exhibition at River City Bangkok's 3rd Floor, Free Entry, AIR Zone from February 11th, 2023 to March 9th, 2023. To learn more about the piece, visit this post and make sure to add me on LinkedIn!

The #LoveIsInTheAIR exhibition features work of extraordinary vulnerability in the pursuit of connection. That makes it an astonishing thing to witness and experience first hand.

Final Thoughts

Vulnerability Mental health Brené Brown Art Therapy
Photo: Give, ShareOrdinary Wonders, Casablanca Morocco, 2019, BRYCE Watanasoponwong.

In recent times, I have been feeling the joy of newfound freedom. It has been a journey of growth and understanding as I learn to confront my emotions and accept myself for who I am. Embracing vulnerability is not an easy process, but it can be rewarding. It can lead to stronger relationships with others, improved self-confidence, and a newfound sense of freedom.

To everyone out there suffering from isolation, I wish you luck on your journey to discovering the power of vulnerability. Remember, no one should feel ashamed of who they are and what they’ve been through. And take hope if you feel this way. There is a way out: embracing vulnerability.

Vulnerability Mental health Brené Brown Art Therapy

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