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Sawasdee krub. My name is Bryce Watanasoponwong. I am a self taught Thai/Australian photographer. My passion for photography began in the wedding, portrait and documentary style. It's not until I discovered street photography and especially abstract elements of the street, that I realised that it is a genre that I want to focus on. View My Profile on ArtRabbit

   Areas of Interest  
- Fine Art
- Abstract
- Street
- Photojournalist

  Curriculum Vitae  ( Download )

Art Fairs
2019     Hotel Art Fair 2019 (HAF19) • W Bangkok • Bangkok, THAILAND

2020     Looking Back  •  ILFORD Galerie Bangkok  •  Bangkok, THAILAND
2019     The Colours of Emotion • The Quarter Ari Hotel • Bangkok, THAILAND
2019     The Colours of Emotion • Lyon French Cuisine • Bangkok, THAILAND
2019     Mexico-Thailand Printmaking 2019 • Chulalongkorn University Museum • Bangkok, THAILAND
2019     Mexico-Thailand Printmaking 2019 • Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BCAA) • Bangkok, THAILAND
2019     The Colours of Emotion • Eat Me Art Restaurant • Bangkok, THAILAND
2019     Living Spectrum - A Photographic Exhibition • ILFORD Galerie Bangkok • Bangkok, THAILAND
2017     Street Shooting Around the World • Los Angeles Center of Photography • CA, USA
2016     StreetFoto San Fran Festival • StreetFoto San Francisco • CA, USA
2013     Thailand Street Photography • Documentary Arts of Asia (DAA) • Chiang Mai, THAILAND
2013     Bangkok Now! • Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BCAA) • Bangkok, THAILAND
2012     Art & About: Sydney Life • Sydney Hyde Park • NSW, AUSTRALIA

2017     Finalist •  Street Shooting Around the World •  Los Angeles Center of Photography •  CA, USA
2016     Finalist •  StreetFoto San Fran Festival • CA, USA
2012     People’s Choice “We Look Great” • Art & About - Sydney Life •  Sydney Hyde Park, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Media Appearances ( multimedia )
2020     The Darling of Street Photography • The Mix • ABC TV • March 14, 2020
2019     Nightlife with Sarah Macdonald • ABC Radio • February 23, 2019

Blog Featuring
2020     Life’s Moments • Featured Project • Edge of Humanity Magazine
2020     Meet the Others: Bryce Watanasoponwong • Artist Studio • SAATCHI ART
2020     Ordinary Wonders • Collection Featured • Life Framer

2020     Flora & Fauna • Street Photographer Featured • Eyeshot Street Photography Magazine
2019     Artist Featured • Artist Talk Magazine Issue # 9
2019     B. Magazine • Bangkok Post • February 10, 2019
2014     A Lifetime Together • Trenton Stories from Missouri’s Five-Points City • ISBN 978-1-931708-10-4
2013     Bryce Watanasoponwong - From Bangkok to Trenton | mpw.65 • Vimeo

Public Speaking / Teaching
2019     Street Photography and Sequencing Workshop • Workshop Host / Instructor • Bangkok, THAILAND
2019     Artist Talk (Up Close And Personal) • Guest Speaker •  Bangkok, THAILAND

2013     65th Missouri Photo Workshop (MPW65) •  University of Missouri •  MO, USA
2012     M.B.A •  University of Technology Sydney •  NSW, AUSTRALIA

“ When I go out on the street with my camera, I appreciate meeting new people from different cultures. I enjoy the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty, the quirkiness and the humour of those in-between moments, and I do my best to capture every scene with an open mind. While being on the street, I especially look for elements of the abstract. Colours, natural light, shapes, and textures are elements that I find the most fascinating. It is through this process of discovery that I identify the subject matter and the abstract qualities I wish to emphasise. “

Bryce Art Space by Bryce Watanasoponwong

Online art gallery of Bryce Watanasoponwong, where you can view his artworks. His interests are Fine Art, Abstract & Street Photography and Printmaking.
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