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BRYCE (ไบรซ์ ) a Thai-Australian photographer. His passion for photography centres around abstract, street photography and story-based series. He has been greatly influenced and inspired by the works of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and many more.

As his career progresses, he is committed to producing works that evoke emotion and make a personal impact. By becoming more involved in how photography is perceived, he strives to cultivate a shift towards wellness, through the lens of his camera and on to those who view his artworks.

Incorporating a range of different mediums into his work has helped him to gain a new and expanded perspective on his photography and the world in general. His passion for exploring diverse cultures around the world brings a unique frame of reference to his work. The process of self-discovery and the pursuit of the truth are imperative to his identity as an artist.

My Story - So Far

Looking Back 2020 - Thailand
Mexico-Thailand Printmaking 2019 - Thailand
The Colours of Emotion 2019 - Thailand
Living Spectrum - A Photographic Exhibition 2019 - Thailand
Street Shooting Around the World 2017 - USA
StreetFoto San Fran Festival 2016 - USA
Thailand Street Photography 2013 - Thailand
Bangkok Now! 2013 - Thailand
Art & About: Sydney Life 2012 - Australia


Finalist The Miami Street Photography Festival 2020
Honourable Mentioned IPA STREET & Travel 2020
Honourable Mentioned LifeFramer STREET LIFE 2020  
Finalist Street Shooting Around the World 2017
Finalist StreetFoto San Fran Festival 2016
People’s Choice “We Look Great” Art & About 2012

Bryce Watanasoponwong
Tel: +66(0) 878 235010

BRYCE Watanasoponwong

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