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About TWOS

~ The Wonder of Strangeness (TWOS) ~ is an online collection of street photography project by Bryce Watanasoponwong, who captures public street scenes in places where he regularly passes by.

By carefully observing surroundings, Bryce has identified and discovered a life with obscure elements that are colourful, beautiful and yet unique. For Bryce himself, this project is a self-discovery to help in identifying himself in an art and photographic scene.

Photos in this series are taken mostly during workshops with Maciej Dakowicz (@maciejdakowicz) in Asia.

Three primary elements of TWOS are Abstract, Quirkiness and Minimal.

This is an ongoing photography project.

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Bryce Watanasoponwong Art Space

This is Bryce’s personal art online space where he showcases his artworks. His primary interests are Fine Art, Abstract & Street Photography and Printmaking.
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